Crew:- Kevin Scowcroft

Born 1950 Hazelwood Castle Tadcaster

Mother Scots-Irish Father Yorkshire (met in the war)

First years rural Leeds Catholic upbringing Hymns and altar boy duties.

Radio listening -Uncle Mac, 2 way family favourites, Top 20, Billy Cotton band show

Musical exposure -pop classical folk rock and roll rhythm and blues.

First guitar (toy) 5 years old -Six Five Special -first adult electric guitar 11 years old -just in time for all the 60’s hits

Medical school Bristol, Father died, multiple girlfriends, Jazz at the Old Duke

playing in folk clubs guitar vocals. Exposure to psychedelics, Anglia estate and Honda 50

Failed finals -retake over 2 years

GP training High Wycombe locality Mini car

General practice Telford -then Clun Shropshire -down the road from Shropshire Bedlams. Took up the accordion. Skiing most winters

Married 1979, children ’81 and’84 – now architect and Primary school teacher

GP practice in Knighton till 2005

Divorced, multiple very interesting partners. Playing saxophone in a folk orchestra

Mother died 2005, mortgage paid off, retired from medicine. Holidays in European capitals

Round the world cruise. Partner owned property in Florida, so long winter holidays, and reintroduction to motor cycles. Bought house in Aberavon and joined MOSE and Baggyrinkle.

Partner died 2018.

Presently singing and playing in multiple bands, as well as biking when I can