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The Shantysingers Personal Antiviral Shanty Mask

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Baggyrinkle Stereoscopic Giggleometer

The giggleometer is fully stereoscopic with two high performance laugh receptors fitted at a level compatible with most size chuckle muscles. Although free standing it has shoulder straps and a tonsilar bracket and can be fully integrated using the patented “Gobsticker” function which has been fully passed by our resident medical advisor.
It has full range measurement from titter up to hysterics with an overload system unique to any other systems.
Measurements are reported in the new standard British unit of noise the baggyrinkle (baggy) 1 baggy = 20 decibels)
It comes complete with a pair of stereo calibrators and has a low level sensitivity that is even capable of detecting a grin.
Set up procedures are simple but if you have problems reading joined up writing you can contact Dave our technical manager for expert advice.
It is fully portable and comes with it’s own carrying case and stand and can be set up in pubs halls lighthouses ships trains in fact anywhere that you may be required to sing.
It complies with recent EU laughter regulations as negotiated by our expert joker Boris and is available from our Welsh laughter factory and subsidiaries in France and New Zealand.
Baggyrinkle is a limited company (limited only by age and ability) For orders please contact our company secretary at our Birchgrove headquarters.

After many months of research the makers of the famous Baggyrinkle Giggleometer have now produced a suitable device for singing shanties in these difficult times.
Known as the SPASM it incorporates all the essentials for safely singing shanties during lockdown .
It is completely portable, lightweight and comfortable to wear, produces accurate reproduction of the wearers singing in perfect stereo with complete remote output control so that the group manager can monitor and control group volume.
It has 7 volume presets from Dave right up to Tony and has a remote shanty synthesiser that can be clipped to a microphone
It is equipped with a refreshment reservoir which will hold a pint of Guinness or other suitable tonsilar lubricant.
Due to difficulties related to the pandemic and the advent of BREXIT the technical dept. has move from France to Waunarlwydd but still employs the same staff with a high degree of electronic expertise.
At maximum sound output it will kill harmful viruses over an area of 20 square metres, and has also been known to remove plaster from the wall.